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Ukranian grant house

About UGF

The UKRAINIAN GRANTMAKERS FORUM (UGF) is an association of local and international donors whose mission is to promote responsible and effective philanthropy for the development of Ukrainian society.


  • Enhancing communication and mutual learning among members;  
  • Raising public awareness about philanthropy and advocating for policies that promote philanthropy;  
  • Developing and disseminating European standards and modern practices among philanthropic organizations;  
  • Providing consulting services for corporations and individuals wishing to establish a grant making programme or organization;  
  • Growing its membership base and developing the UGF institutionally.


In early 2004, seven major Ukrainian and foreign donors initiated the establishment of the UGF. Since then, UGF members have met bimonthly to discuss topics of mutual interest, such as risks in grant making, community development, legal aspects of philanthropic activities, project evaluation and monitoring, endowments, etc. By the end of 2005, the UGF was officially registered as a Ukrainian legal entity. By May 2006 the UGF included 16 domestic and international donors as members.

Main accomplishments 

  • In October 2005 the UGF hosted the 10th Annual Meeting of the Grantmakers East Group in Kyiv, which brought to Ukraine 180 representatives of donor organizations from Europe and the rest of the world, and gave a new impetus for philanthropy development in Ukriane.
  • The UGF initiated a legal experts group, which during 2005 monitored the most important laws affecting philanthropy in Ukraine and provided recommendations for their improvement. UGF members have actively lobbied changes to existing laws, and their efforts have already brought to some positive changes in tax legislation of Ukraine.   
  • UGF activities contributed to growing interest in the society to philanthropy, which was manifested by new sociological research as well as media articles and TV programmes discussing best practices of philanthropy in Ukraine
The UGF became a member of European Network of Grantmaker Associations and the WINGS network (World Initiative for Grantmakers Support).
UGF plans for 2007

The UGF foresees development of consulting services for corporations and persons who are interested in advancing of philanthropy and the creation their own philanthropic structures. UGF’s participation in the CEENERGI project will contribute to this.

The UGF will strengthen its cooperation with donor forums in the Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria.