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Ukranian grant house

Membership criteria

The UGF has two categories of membership. 

Full members participate with full voting rights in decisions concerning the UGF’s membership, structure, plans, policies, and activities, and meet the following criteria:

1. Support the mission of the UGF.
2.  Agree to abide by the UGF Code of Ethics
3. Provide the UGF with an annual report or other publications that at minimum gives a list of all grants/charitable contributions made in Ukraine, listing recipients and amounts.
4.  Are registered legal entities.
5.  Have grantmaking as one of primary operational purpose and activity.
6.  Have autonomy in grantmaking decisions and bear full legal responsibility for how funds allocated to grantmaking are spent.
7.  Have awarded a yearly total of at least UAH 100,000 in grants to at least 10 registered Ukrainian legal entities or individuals per year for at least the past two years. 

Associate members act in an advisory capacity concerning the UGF’s structure, plans, policies, and activities, have been engaged in grantmaking activity in Ukraine for at least one year, and meet the first five criteria listed above.